The summer of 2021 sees the 29th Olympic Games head to the fascinating country of Japan and the most populated city in the world, Tokyo. This is the second time Tokyo has hosted this momentous event, the first being in 1964, so the Good Trip Clothing team thought it only right to look at what best to take to the Land of the Rising Sun.

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Passport - The number one thing you need on any trip, but when you’re going to Japan, you’ll need to make sure that there’s at least six months remaining on your passport.

Visa - Most places thankfully don’t need a visa to enter Japan, but it’s always worth checking before you go.

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Slip-on shoes - Japan has an extraordinarily polite and clean culture, which means it’s the norm to take off your shoes when visiting other peoples’ homes, temples, and even some restaurants. Slip-on shoes are a big help.

Walking shoes - The bustling cities are not Japan’s only attraction. Getting out into the more rural areas is essential on any trip to Japan, so we’d recommend a lightweight pair of walking shoes.

Rain coat - If you’re looking for the best travel clothing, then spending money on a good rain coat is never a bad idea. Showers can come out of nowhere, and ruin your day if you’re not prepared. Take a raincoat, or a poncho.

Local SIM - Roaming data, minutes and texts can be expensive in Japan, so lots of travellers recommend that you get yourself a travel SIM before making the journey.

Layered clothing -  The best travel clothing for Japan is anything that is easily layered. Like the UK, the weather can be quite unpredictable, and can change quite easily if you’re for instance getting a short train from the city to the countryside. Go for lightweight t-shirts, fleeces and coats. Our Japan Clothing range is a perfect way to layer up whilst looking stylish at the same time.

Empty suitcase - Gift-giving is hugely popular in Japan, and the practice will almost certainly rub off on you too. Make sure you don’t pack your suitcase too full, or take a spare with you, because you’ll almost certainly be taking more home than you went with!

Yen - You’ve almost certainly considered buying some Yen ahead of the trip, but do bear in mind that you probably need more than you think. Not necessarily because things are expensive, but because Japan is a cash-based society and you might not be able to use a card as often as you would at home.

Handkerchief - It’s common for Japanese people to carry around their own handkerchief, so if you don’t take your own, you might find that you’re without anything to dry your hands with in a public restroom!

Japan Rail Pass - The Japanese rail system is exceptionally good, and having a rail pass before you travel will make things even easier.

 Unfortunately, you might not be able to go to the 2020 Olympics but if you get the chance to visit this beautiful, magical country in the future then we don’t think you will be disappointed. Why not check out our Japan Clothing range before you travel or have a look when you get home for that perfect souvenir to remember your trip by. As well as being stylish and comfortable it is produced ethically and sustainably. Plus, 20% of our profits go to charities so whilst looking good you will also be helping so many good causes all around the world.