Ski slope in Val disere with snowboarder sat down in the foreground

Skiing holidays can be unpredictable at the best of times. Our best tip would be to pack for every eventuality - you definitely can't trust the weather forecast further away than 3 days. Anyway, we've provided a few tips for trips at different times of the year:


- Proper ski socks, don’t buy cheap as you’ll buy twice. For a week’s skiing you probably need a pair for every day skiing (usually 6), but we’re not here to judge if you wear the same pair twice. As long as you have at least one spare pair in case they’re still damp from the day before!

- You’ll need normal socks for the evening. Not thin ankle socks - decent ones. 

Pants - twice as many pants as you think…

  • It’s always worth having pants for the day and the evening, so we make that a minimum of 12 for the whole trip. Definitely a must for snowboarders who will spend a lot of the day on their arse.

Mountain range covered in snow and surrounded by ski slopes

Do I really need thermals for a skiing holiday?

  • Season dependant… you’ll usually need thermals for December to February. March to April you can probably get away with a couple of layers under your jacket (long sleeve t-shirt and sweatshirt will do the trick). It will vary season to season so check the forecast before you go and pack accordingly.

Hoodie or Jacket?

  • Another one that’s season dependant. We’d usually stick to the ski/snowboard jacket December - February and get the hoodies out from March onwards.

Snowboarder executing a back side board slide on a box in the snow park

Helmet or Hat?

  • Helmet - always. We’ve had a few concussions between the team here at Good Trip Clothing and they’ve all been WITH helmets on. Without a helmet even just a low speed fall on the piste can be serious. You also can’t put any of our stickers on a hat ;).

Goggles or Sunglasses?

  • Goggles - always. For starters, no one likes a Jerry in a helmet and sunglasses. Plus in cold weather sunglasses will not cut it. With a good pair of goggles you’ll get the mirrored lenses when it’s bright and and a low light alternative for those darker days. We’d recommend the Dragon NFX2’s as they make it really easy to swap the lenses and look awesome.
  • Sunglasses will come in handy at apres so you could always keep some in your pocket while on the slopes, just not on your face.

Black piste marker with a Good Trip Clothing sticker stuck on the front and a mountain range in the background

Body Armour?

  • I mean, there’s benefits to wearing it as it can provide an additional layer on this colder days on the mountain, plus will keep any dodgy knees, wrists or elbows protected that need it. unless you have an existing injury or will find yourself spending the week trying out some new tricks off the big kickers in the park, it may be an unnecessary additional expense.

Gloves or Mittens?

  • Mittens are warmer, gloves let you do more stuff. Simple really. Our go to combo is mittens in the winter and pipe gloves in the Spring when your hands get wet from all the slush anyway. DC make some pretty good pipe gloves.

Sun cream.

  • An absolute must - even in the Winter on overcast days. We’ve had blistered faces throughout the team and it’s not a good look. Lipsil is another one you’ll need as chapped lips will kick in after day one without it! Make sure you go for the stuff with spf.

Val disere statue in snow with mountain range in the background